This One’s For All You Mothers Out There


Being Mother’s Day here in the United States, I thought I should take a day off from Project Bathrobe to be extra nice to the Puddinette. After all, she is the person largely responsible for making sure my children aren’t living lives of filthy squalor punctuated with too much bean soup and not enough bed-making and fingernail-trimming. In her honor, I slept on the basement couch last night (on purpose this time, so my avalanche-triggering snores wouldn’t wake her rather than because I just happened to have fallen asleep in front of Netflix…again) and I helped the kids learn how to clean bathrooms today. Plus, we even got her got her some pretty, pretty petunias and helped get the front flower beds planted and mulched this weekend.

And never forgetting the lady who brought me into this world and taught me about being in love with books and doing something right or not doing it all, we’ll be taking a yummy dinner (complete with pie, duh!) to my mom’s house in a little bit, so Grammy Puddin won’t have to lift a finger.

I hope everyone out there who’s got a mother, is a mother, knows a mother, or, heck, even breaks it down like a mutha makes some time to be with the one(s) you love and depend on, whether you’re in the US or not.  No matter where you in the world, it’s never a bad day to appreciate the one you think of as Mom.

Now go call your mom, and don’t forget to wash your face and hands for dinner.

Happy Mother’s Day!