5 Things On My Mind Right Now

I haven’t been saying much lately. 

Wait, no, that’s not true. That suggests I’ve been roaming around the house in a mute daze like Frankenstein’s monster. I have been saying things, to my family, the people around me, etc. I haven’t been posting stuff, though. And that’s not specifically an indictment of my recent work here on Puddintopia.  It’s a comment on my general lack of having something to offer to the online world in general. Facebook, twitter, Instagram, you name it, I’ve been kinda quiet.

I can’t rightly say why either. Could be that I’m speeding towards the finish line for the first draft of Project Bathrobe, and that’s taking up a lot of my brain power right now.  It’s also probably fair to admit that a lot of other people already say things sort of similar to the things on my mind. Intelligent, witty, entertaining people that are putting out stuff that I don’t feel the need to parrot just to have a string of text streaming through the etherwebz with my name on it.

Also, it’s true that in some cases I’ve been reposting and sharing links to these other people’s intelligent, witty, entertaining posts.  But then, that’s not the same as having my own voice out there is it?

A Voice is a pretty important thing. If I’ve learned nothing else since I started writing books, I’ve learned that.

So, here, in my own voice, is what’s on my mind, right now, an hour or so after dinner, at roughly ten minutes to seven o’clock post merdiem, May 20th, 2015:

  1. When I was younger, I couldn’t grill a burger worth a damn. Grilling a burger right means taking a little time, being patient, buying actual ground animal flesh, and forming the damn things yourself. Those frozen, too-perfectly round-and-or-square flat disks of meat-type stuff I used to flash grill with open flames at 1000 degrees for 5 minutes until they were hard and tasteless, well, they should make Past Puddin ashamed of himself.
  2. It’s mid-May, and I’m deeply concerned for my Reds. It’s much to early for this sort of worry. I should still be on my annual spring baseball honeymoon. But so far they aren’t hitting when they need to and their bullpen is the kind of collection that gives a manager night sweats.
  3. School is out for the kids in a week and a half.  I’m happy for the kids and also really really envious. They also just today finished up their standardized testing for the year, and good riddance to it. I’ve spent a lot time this year being dissatisfied with the way we educate our kids here in the US and wondering how we can fix it.
  4. I’m going to watch the season finale of The Flash sometime tonight, probably after writing another chapter of Project Bathrobe.  After said finale, good, bad, or indifferent, I can almost promise you I’ll feel a little sad. This season of The Flash was one of the best comic book-y TV shows I’ve every seen, and I’m sad to lose it until September.
  5. Today, right now, at this moment, chocolate ice cream > chocolate chip cookies. (Ask me again in an hour and you might get a different answer)

That’s what’s on my mind…what’s on yours?


2 thoughts on “5 Things On My Mind Right Now

  1. As someone with a daughter getting ready to start school, I am extremely nervous with the way she will be taught & if she will be able to learn from the “standard” way -which is so completely different from the standards I learned. I often worry that she will either be left behind, or that she will be slowed down by the curriculum. Ugh.


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