The last day of school and how it’s Just. Not. Fair

The kids came home from school today, finally released from another agonizing year of boredom, stupid rules, assorted nonsense, and cafeteria gruel. 

At least, I’m sure that’s what it seemed like to them.

To the Puddinette and I, though, it seems that we blinked and somehow lost 9 months of time. 

On August 18th, 2011, I wrote this to go with several pictures of the first day of school, such as this one:

first day

And then, much too suddenly, it was this morning, when we took this picture for the last day of school:

last day 1

Yeah, ok, so school’s out.  Do I have a point, other than the standard parental whining along the lines of, Oh, Time, where hast thought gone?!

Why, yes, yes, I do.

See, today I realized that while most every morning for the past 9 months has looked something like this:

off to school

The next three months are going to look a whole lot more like this:

off to work

It’s Just. Not. Fair.  I tell you.  Not fair at all.

Of course, then, I’ve been telling the puddinlings that Life isn’t generally fair for years now.

I just thought, it’s just, you know, supposed to be not fair in my favor.

I appear to have been mistaken.

Stupid Life.

*kicks at the dirt*


2 thoughts on “The last day of school and how it’s Just. Not. Fair

  1. that was a good one thanks : ) Oh and I love Keegan’s face on the “last day of school picture”, he looks like he’s ready to take the camera, throw it on the ground and step on it : )


  2. Those “drawings” reminded me (somewhat fondly and with a chuckle) of “the Reformation Bus!” 🙂


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