Well, THAT was easy!


Yes, I do now have a bag of the previously mentioned and much desired Dark Chocolate Peanut M & M’s.  They’re allllll mine, and you can’t have any.

I mean, you could, I’d totally share, but at the moment none of you are here. So, you know, kinda makes it hard.  Maybe stop by next week and see if I have any left.

Here’s a hint: not likely.

Also: the Puddinette is awesome for the number of ridiculous things she puts up with on my account.  So, Yay Puddinette and the Saturday Night Quest for M & M’s (which wasn’t so much as quest in that we had to go to the grocery anyway, but, you know, still).


PS: Mmmm…they are tasty.

2 thoughts on “Well, THAT was easy!

  1. Will have to get your dad some of those — he seems to be into dark chocolate these days!! For me, it’s the peanut butter ones — I simply can’t resist them!!!


  2. Trying to avoid Satan’s food. They no sooner fall into my grasp than they end up “down the hatch”. Those with nuts are particularly enticing πŸ™‚


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