Exhibit A: Evidence that I’m not frakkin’ around here

How can you tell that shizznit is about to get real?  Well, I’d say that this picture is a pretty darned good example of exactly how serious I am:


If you aren’t sure what you’re looking at, those are my new running shoes, which I might add were not inexpensive.  I mean, they aren’t inlaid with gold or anything (which is good, because gold is heavy), but these puppies cost a good deal more clams than my typical pair.  These are also the only single-purpose shoes I can ever recall purchasing…well, unless you count my hockey skates, but that’s kind of a horse of a different color.

In others, my standard, bought-on-clearance-for-the-end-of-style-year multi-purpose cross trainers these aren’t.

So, have shoes, will glide like the wind, right?

Um, yeah, don’t worry, I’m guessing you’ll have plenty of time to step out of my lumbering way when you see these neon green puppies thudding heavily in your direction.

Let’s just hope I live up to owning an actual pair of running shoes dedicated to, you know, running.


5 thoughts on “Exhibit A: Evidence that I’m not frakkin’ around here

  1. I never had a pair of single purpose shoes so I’m impressed. Maybe some of them were supposed to be single purpose but then the “wrong tool for the job” and all that. ie. my golf shoes are great for aerating the lawn. LOL


  2. I just started yesterday the process of losing that extra 8th grader that I’m lugging around on me. Why can’t exercising be as fun as drinking?


  3. I have three pair of single purpose shoes; one everyday pair a size larger to fit over my braces, one pair each of brown and black mary janes to wear over my braces to at least make me feel like I have on dress shoes. The braces also dictated to some extent the treadmill — I had a hard time getting the bigger shoes in the bike stirrups! Not much fun, these braces, but you do what you have to do!! And I NEED the exercise to get my cholesterol down to a number that Dr. McDannold can live with without another pill!!!


  4. Those are stylin’! I have black Etnies with neon green trim… It’s all about the black and neon these days!


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