A quick running update

That is, a quick update about running.

I haven’t got much time for the rambling or the nonsense or the, well, blogging in general today, but there’s this thing that I wanted to mention to everyone before the weekend.

This morning, Friday, at the sometime shortly after proctology o’clock, I ran five kilometers.  Consecutively.  Using my feet.  Without falling down.  Or dying.  See, that’s, like, the “5K” part of running a 5k (for you curmudgeonly English-unit of measurement types out there who “didn’t fight for this country’s independence just so we could have idiot European metres and whatnot” that’s 3.1 miles).

Don’t believe me?  GPS don’t lie, my friend.

Am I perhaps a little overly excited about this accomplishment since, strictly speaking, I’ve run three miles before today as part of the Couch-to-5K program?

Well, yes, but today was the last run of the program for me.  And I tacked on just enough to get me to that 5K mark because, well, that’s the kind of nit-picking rule-follower I am.

But anyway, ANYWAY!  The point here is that I did it.  I started off in my recliner with a pint of Imperial stout and a general tendency towards sloth and have now, officially, run further than ever before in my life.

On purpose, even.

In other words, a few months ago I wrote this post and then set out to somehow go from this:

Image via Wikimedia Commons. Oh, and that’s so not my couch

To these:

No photo credit; these are my actual shoes. Spiffy, huh?

And today I’m delighted to say that yes, I’m well on my way from being the guy drawn on the hill here:

Image via Wikimedia Commons

To this guy:

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Err, that is, I mean that statue guy is running, not that he’s some kind of wolf/coyote hybrid monster.  I mean, it might have been cool when I was younger, but I’m not currently a werewolf to the best of my knowledge, nor do I really plan on becoming one.

Anyway, the point is that, I set a goal for myself and then took little steps to get it accomplished.  And if I can do it, I’d bet every dollar* I’ve got that you can too.


*Trust me, that sounds like a lot more impressive a wager than it is.  The Puddinette keeps all my cash.  I tend to be, um, untrustworthy with it.

One thought on “A quick running update

  1. I am so PROUD of you!!!! And I can totally relate because unlike your keeping everyone informed about your running progress I asked your Dad for a treadmill for my 64th birthday (would never have fathomed THAT 40+ years ago) and it became a fixture in the wrapping room/nursery/newly christened gym the middle of June and at my six month check-up last week I was told my total cholesterol had gone from 237 (a year ago) to 234 (6 months ago) to 211 last week – and was over 200 only because my good – HDL – was a higher number than it was previously! At least that’s the way I understood it; if my daughters-in-law with the RN after their name tell me I misunderstood, I stand corrected! Anyway, I was pretty pumped, and feel like the 35 min I put in on said treadmill six days a week is worth it! (I am currently at 0.8 mi., plan to up that to 0.9 mi by mid November and hope to hit 1 mi by the first of the year. (started in June at 0.5 mi) Might not sound like much to seasoned runners, but when you are doing it in braces, I think it’s pretty dang good!! 🙂


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