Weekend Debate: The Dreaded Hiatus

Now, I know what you’re thinking: here it is Sunday evening, the Bengals have already given us their weekly demonstration of how to be not quite good enough, the weekly family dinner is hot and steaming on the table, and yet, I’ve offered you absolutely nothing in the way of this week’s Weekend Debate.

Well, I’m sorry to say that there’s a good reason for it.  My usual Weekend Debate feature is officially on hiatus for the month of November.

Yes, I know everyone hearts the WD with every fiber of their respective beings, and well, probably a few fibers borrowed some other beings, too.  But, see, there’s this whole NaNoWriMo thing I’ve signed up for and I intend to see that through.  And let me tell you, spewing 50k words in 30 days might not be that hard for your basic, full-time word-slinger, but for those of us who do it part time, at best, it signifies a whole lot of late nights and catching up on weekends.

Which is how I expect to spend my weekends: catching up for the words that I didn’t get out according to schedule the five days prior.  You know, because sometimes things just don’t go the way you plan.

So, no Weekend Debates for this month, I’m afraid.

But I’ll tell you what, feel free to argue amongst yourselves on the topic of your choosing until Dec. 1.

Or, even better, perhaps peruse the archives of past Weekend Debates for kicks.

Either way, please try to play nice.