Sailor’s Delight

Red sky at night, Sailor’s delight
Red sky at morn, Sailors be warned.

I’m not sure why the old adage has always stuck with me.  I’m about as much sailor as Popeye* is a software engineer.  But for whatever reason, every time the sky gets a reddish tint on my way from work, the saying immediately comes to mind.


Considering that’s the sky that greeted me when I pulled into the driveway tonight, then, I imagine you can see why that would be rattling around in my head this evening.  But you know what?  That’s just fine.  You might even say I actually do have a little sense of that delight with me this evening.

Indeed, I’m in a fine mood.  I had a pretty good day today, internet.  How was yours?


*You whippersnappers probably won’t remember, but Popeye was a cartoon sailor lo, the many years ago.  Back when people ate spinach out of cans.