Things In My Garage because Things In My Brain


I’m afraid I’m lacking both the available brain waves and the necessary time to write a blog post that isn’t either utter nonsense or the random vomit-age of gibberish syllables.

The mean reason, of course, is, well, you probably know the reason. It starts with “I” and ends with “have eight chapters of novel climax to write before next Saturday.”

The good news, though, is that I’m sworn to finish this draft by next weekend, which means they upcoming week will hopefully be the last one of pitiful blogging for at least the foreseeable future. You know, until the time comes to start the next novel, but that’s a topic for another (inevitably sad, apologetic) post.

For this evening, then, since my brain is smushed full of plot lines I’m not quite sure how to put together, I offer you this picture of stuff I saw in my garage while The Attitude was playing with his construction trucks. As far as I can tell, the golf clubs and the Disney Princess chair don’t really go together either, but they seem to have worked it out, so hopefully I will too.

While you contemplate the deeper meaning of that little nugget, have yourselves an awesome weekend.

And try not to set anything on fire.


2 thoughts on “Things In My Garage because Things In My Brain

  1. LOL. You’ve seen my garage and basement and therefore know I can never willingly move. I lack the decision making ability to decide what goes and what stays. So, everything stays:) Many items have learned to live together…opposites attract in my neck of the woods. My filing system exists only in my scrambled brain…now if I can just avoid buying things I already have:) May your stories end with satisfaction and perhaps M&Ms.


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