Frosty Friday is Fabulous


Two hours ago, my backyard looked like this.


Also, this.  I assure you it’s under several more inches of fluffy cold stuff by now.

And, yes, that is snow falling so quickly in front of the lens that it appears to be nothing more than streaky flashes.  That is, streaking flashes of snowflakes which is not to be confused with streaking flashers of humanity.

You know, because one is soft and clean and pure and the other gets arrested at professional football games.

Anyway, so for once the weather people got it right and the nasty wintery mix of earlier today turned into a dumping of snowfall that’s making it quite inconvenient for my poor 17-pound dog to see to business outside, if you know what I mean.

As an adult, big snowy days can be a mixed bag. If it’s Wednesday and there’s a project you just have to get done at work and no matter how much you wish and hope and sacrifice obnoxious pet store parakeets, you life just can’t be put on hold just because the streets are a sheet of ice, well, snowy days can be a little trying.

But it’s Friday, and we’ve got the pizza delivery guy to brave the roads for dinner, a toasty fire burning in the fireplace, and supplies* at the ready. So, yeah, tonight it’s an entirely different thing. It’s an invitation to break out some family games (perhaps those new Magic cards the kids have?) or put in a new DVD, make a big pot full of cocoa, and sit around in stocking feet and warm, fluffy robes.

It’s early December, too, and, as everyone knows, one of the Three Undisputed Facts is that wintry weather before January 2nd is Undeniably Awesome. For serious, it’s written in the Universal Rules of the World According to Victorian England and Normal Rockwell, Second Edition (available from your local independent bookseller).

Long story short, if you want to know what we’ll be doing for the next day or two, it almost certainly includes plenty of curling up and generally pretending life is like that one Bing Crosby Holiday album. If Old Man Winter made a visit to your neck of the woods, I highly recommend you do the same.

Either way, have a great weekend, whether snowbound or sun-baked.

And try not to set the place on fire.


*Supplies: Bourbon, wine, IPA, and, uh, some food or whatever. I guess. Maybe some milk?

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