Monday Musing, May 12, 2014

writing_logo_180Okay, so as far as musings go, this one is a lot more “announcement” than “meditative contemplation”.  But then again, it’s Monday and I was up too late watching Game of Thrones last night. So I guess I’m just going to be happy today’s musing isn’t three line of gibberish followed by a bolded “Meh,” accompanied by that one poop emoji.

Oh, don’t get all pompous on me. You know exactly which emoji I’m talking about. You probably send it to your significant other whenever you need a chuckle.

Aaaaaaanyway…the point here is that it’s time to get to work on another novel.  And with another novel comes another code name. Thus, today I sayeth:

You’ll notice the usual status bar to the right has been updated accordingly, to reflect the current project and progress. If you’ll excuse me, then, it’s time to roll up my sleeves and get to work.

Well, maybe as soon as I fit in a nap.


One thought on “Monday Musing, May 12, 2014

  1. I had an Uncle Hermey..your great uncle. He drank alot of beer and took many naps. Would a German Lenzer do otherwise? I’m sure the project is about him…lol Onward and Upward with the new novel!


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