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My Friend Has A Book Out In The World: FREE AGENT by JC Nelson Is Out Today!

When I decided, lo, the many years ago, that I was going to quit pretending to be writer and actually put some effort into, you know, writing, I had many, many expectations.  I expected I’d put a lot of silly words down. I expected I’d have to keep at it until I didn’t suck anymore.  […]

A Little Oatmeal Cookie Is Good For The Soul

The inspiration to create—to make something using just your own two hands, whatever scant voltage happens to be huffing and puffing its way through your gray matter, and possibly a few raw materials—can strike anywhere, anytime, from the simplest of comments. For instance, today, the Puddinette sent me a text that just happened to mention […]

A Limerick Pair For Post-Weekend Lower Back Pain

There once was a Pud’n-y fellow Whose back felt completely not mellow Like his whole lumbar spine Was being trampled by swine And pummeled into cherry Jello Some Mondays his back cracked like glass And reminded of his advancing age class Worse, it was no party mistake That gave him that ache But the audacity […]

Universal Truth Of Adulthood, Number 87: MegaUltraUber Glue

At some point in the course of your adult life, you will—possibly against your will—be required to use SuperAmazeballsHolyCrumbsInsanity Glue to put one thing back into (hopefully) semi-permanent  contact with a second, more stationary/stable thing. However, when the moment arrives to break out that tube of uber gel with the adhesive properties so mind-blowing it […]

Everything You Need To Do Regarding Net Neutrality But Maybe Didn’t Realize

Unless your neighbors mostly consist of those rolly-poly bugs and you generally only see the light of day if a giant comes by and lifts your home up off the ground, odds are good you’ve at least heard the words “net neutrality” at some point recently. More importantly, though, you might not know what it’s […]

A Helpful Guide For Navigating The Weekend

The picture above contains a popular brand of carbonated soft drink.  Well, it’s also of my desk earlier today, and the door to my office.  And a window showing sunlight and the outside world where I would have preferred to be at 3 PM today.  That’s not to suggest that I don’t thoroughly enjoy my […]

A Haiku Triplet For The Lightning Bug Days Of Summer

My friend wrote a book That ended counting fireflies I’ve never counted I’ve collected them Kept them in faux lantern jars But never counted Four decades of bugs Caught, marveled, released again Tonight, I’ll count them

But It’s All Going To Be Okay, Internet. Because Chocolate.

As it turns out, it’s Chocolate Day. Or National Chocolate Day? Or Lets Use This As A Thin Excuse To Gorge On Chocolate Day? Whatever. All I know is…brownies! And if that doesn’t cure your summer holiday hangover, my guess is you’re probably beyond all hope. Pud’n

Nothing Remained But A Heap of Ashy, Sulfurous Paper Bits And The Aftertaste of Sausage

Welcome back to the real world. The Matrix has belched us all out again, and thus the Song of the EveryDay—a hymn of low, mournful tones—fills the air as those of us in the USA look past our weekend of summertime revelry. Time to set aside those incendiary devices for another year and we can […]

The Puddinette Got A Year Older Today And All I Gave Her Was A Crummy Lunch Sack

On this day, exactly mumblecough* years ago, the heavens opened wide, and in a breathtaking expanse of starlight and trumpets, my wife was born unto this Earth. Okay, so maybe that’s not exactly how it happened. My research departments suggests there was actually a hospital involved.  And doctors. And some nurses or whatever. Nervous-excited expectant […]