A Limerick Pair For Post-Weekend Lower Back Pain

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There once was a Pud’n-y fellow
Whose back felt completely not mellow
Like his whole lumbar spine
Was being trampled by swine
And pummeled into cherry Jello

Some Mondays his back cracked like glass
And reminded of his advancing age class
Worse, it was no party mistake
That gave him that ache
But the audacity of cutting his grass!

3 comments on “A Limerick Pair For Post-Weekend Lower Back Pain

  1. Priceless!


  2. Try touching your toesnto stretch your lower back.


  3. I agree, Aleve does work! It got me over a dreadful headache the morning after my infamous behavior at a certain birthday party — quickly enuf’ so that I could then work on tax info for our accountant!!!!


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