Easier Than Three Sets of Lunges Everyday

I decided late last night – probably at some point well past when I should have been making decisions of any kind beyond that it was time to go to bed – that I haven’t been writing enough lately. Not just blog posts, but putting down words of any kind. So I said to myself, “Self, you should really write something every day.”

So I guess that’s not a bad place to start on the first day of a new year, right? I’ll tell you one thing, it’s a lot easier than resolving to go to the gym more. I mean, really, at this point, who want to be the January Gym Goer? If I ever was to make a resolution related to physical fitness, you can bet your last dollar I’d be doing squats in my basement before I showed up at Perfect Pecs at 6 AM some morning in January. But that’s probably another post.

Today’s post is about writing something everyday from this day going forward, even if it’s just a caption on a photo I took with my phone. And to get me started, I swung for the fences. I wrote something about writing, on that other blog I write for, Middle Grade Minded.

One day down…


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