The Holidays Be Upon Us

I know I’m jumping the gun by a hair here, but as far as I’m concerned, today is the first day of the Dread/Celebrated Holidays.

What makes me say such a vile, presumptuous thing?


  1. I heard all the radio people talking about Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals this morning*
  2. My kids are off school for the rest of the week after today, and
  3. My office at work is officially decorated.

Of course, by decorated, I’m maybe painting with a brush of the wholly wrong color. Because in my case, see, the office holiday “decorations” amount to basically this…


…descending from “storage”, aka, the spot above my shelves, where I keep it the remainder of the “non-holiday” year:


At any rate! The tree has come down to be savored and enjoyed by the many visitors who come to see me daily.  Err…both of them. Soon it will be time for eggnog, excessive materialism, and a theoretical gift-giving visit from a chubby elf with stalker-y tendencies.

Please plan/freak out accordingly.


*causing me to be wracked with spasm of revulsion

2 thoughts on “The Holidays Be Upon Us

  1. We never shop the day after Thanksgiving and won’t begin decorating for Christmas until December 1. The stores may go wild, but we still have a bit of self-control.


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