Tuesday, November 3, 2015, By The Numbers

Some days just beg to be quantified. Take today for instance:

  • Work Projects That Had To Be Done: 1
  • Hour Of The Day When I Realized I Forgot To Eat Lunch: 4
  • Day Of NaNoWriMo: 3
  • Words Written In November, so far: 0
  • Days Left Of NaNoWriMo: 27, well, but not really, because Thanksgiving
  • Words To Go: 50,000
  • Work Projects Completed Today: 1
  • Kids Chauffeured To Activities: 2
  • Brain Activity Remaining: -100 Brain Units
  • Odds Of Making Any Words Tonight: -1,000,000 Infinities (metric)

Oh, hey, also: Hi!

I know it seems an odd time to pop my head up out of the gopher-hole, but, you know, better today than…uh…on Mother’s Day? Still mostly alive over here, even if maybe I could possibly call and say hi more often. What can I say? Here today…um…wallowing in neck-high work projects next week. But, hey, stay tuned. Soon, soon, I tell you, There Shall Be A New Project.

And, heck, probably even a new word count meter.

I know. You can almost taste the excitement, right?

Well, maybe tomorrow.

Right now, everything tastes like sleepytimes and weariness to me.

And that’s pretty astounding when you figure I didn’t realize I didn’t eat lunch until 4 PM today.

Tomorrow maybe I’ll eat sooner.

And write something.