Homo Sapiens, Almost Evolved

I had to do a lot of technical writing at work today, which is something you’d think would be right down Broadway for me.

Yeah, no such luck. When it comes to technical things, I like creating. But writing dull, critical, required documentation about said creating. Not so much.

The good news is, though, even with my mind occupied by making sure all my section, subsections, and sub-subsections were filled out, typo-free, and approved, I still had a few errant thoughts kicking around inside my melon.

You know, like about human evolution…

Here’s hoping your Wednesday rocked – or was, at least, more interesting than mine – and that your Thursday is even better!


2 thoughts on “Homo Sapiens, Almost Evolved

  1. Love the new cartoon you at the top….not surprised “by the numbers” writing kills you. I could so see you writing intentionally insane procedure to satisfy your inner elf. As for my technical adventure, it’s struggling. So far, took a crack at the downstairs remote and it does most of the stuff……but not all it’s supposed to. Not sure, if I failed, or Time Warner failed as their remote won’t do what it’s supposed to either. Surely they’re totally talented set up peope (Daryl and Daryl) didn’t forget to do something 🙂


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