January 3, 2018

A bone-chilling Wednesday calls for adorable pups in cozy sweaters, even if I am generally opposed to dressing dogs up in people clothes.

In unrelated news, Day 3 of #socks2018 has me contemplating a better way to photograph my feet. I gotta figure out how to Foot Model these puppies a little better. Anybody have a suggestion that doesn’t include bathroom selfies? My socks and I and all ears!


One thought on “January 3, 2018

  1. What if you put the camera on the floor, set the timer, and run around in front of it? If you have a WiFi camera, you could put the camera on the floor and use a smart phone to see what you are aiming at before clicking the phone. If you do that, I want to pick your brain. My grandson made my tech gadgets play nice at a family gathering. I haven’t gotten the courage to try it myself.


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