Dates Are Boring

I was scheduled to have An Important Meeting today, so I gussied myself up suitably (by which I mean I put on the old Busimess Casual instead of denim, even going so far as to double check to make sure my shirt buttons went mostly straight down the center of my chest. I also pulled out my favoritest new fancy socks, rocking a sweet striped pattern with some kicking color — sensible, but still colorful enough to ask where the after-party is going to be.

Nevemind the fact that I’m not going to be attending the after-party at any at my age, the meeting was sadly postponed. The point of which meaning that now I’m left to wonder if I gotta sport something reserved yet colorful two days in a row, or should I just blow it out with something neon, or covered in jumbo prawns?

Time will tell, I suppose. Then again, it always does. 😏