Modern Art Clueless

I wasn’t sure what to make of this pair this morning when I put them on, other than I dug them because, well, purple. See, it’s been my favorite color since before that bandwagoning hack Harold picked up his Crayola and went on to greatness and fortune.

At any rate, having spent the day looking at these puppies from time to time, I find myself thinking they have half a Joker-vibe kinda thing with the green and purple going on. Of course, the other half seems more Modern Art-y, what with the unusual composition and the funky angles. And that’s equal parts edgy cool and kinda unsettling, seeing as I tend to be about as lost when it comes to modern art as Maddie the Chi-Beagle seems to be here while trying to figure out what I’m doing. Which is to day, I’m pretty certain sure wants to know why I’m messing with the little black rectangular thing that makes the awful chimes and beeps when I could be giving her treats.