…Of Mice And Men

When I put these fantastic puppies on this morning, I had every expectation that my workday would culminate in a glorious Happy Hour. Nothing fancy, of course, but the sort of thing where one or perhaps even two pints of hoppy deliciousness are enjoyed with the company of friends and coworkers in celebration of the week’s achievements and the anticipation of a relaxing weekend.

Alas, Happy Hour was thwarted, which is just as well, because after getting some shocking, saddening news about someone I considered a friend shortly after putting these on, I wasn’t much in the mood to Happy Minute, let alone Hour. Which is to say, at the end of the day, I’m reminded very much that no matter what you have planned for yourself when you pull your socks up in the near dark times of the morning, Life is often going to steamroll all your best laid plans.

And the best you can do when that happens is pour yourself a mug and hope that tomorrow’s plan works out a little better.