Monday Night Fever

On Monday nights, if I’m lucky, and I’m in town and the guys are in town and nothing else is momentarily too off-kilter in the universe, we OGs gather at a local watering hole for an hour or so. There we discuss politics, sports, how our kids are simultaneously amazing and yet mostly somehow make us crazy, plus also, ultimately how old we’ve all miraculously become.

Really, I don’t know why it surprises us, as we’ve been doing this Monday Night thing, schedule permitting, for nearly two decades.

Anyway, that’s why tonight’s socks picture was taken in the dark, against my Captain America night pants. Because I was out for a bit earlier, and the shot I tried before I got home just didn’t work, so this is me, at Monday’s end, about ready for bed, asking you to like today’s black-and-white polka dots with orange accents.