Heartless Wonders

There was a time I would have thought myself lucky to own just one pair of Valentine’s Day socks, and by lucky I mean that I never have really given any thought to V-Day socks whatsoever. Maybe once, like twenty-five years ago when I was still in college, working at a crappy department store, but I think my “fancy sock” schemes back then were limited to the more major of stock holidays, Halloween and possibly Christmas.

Cupid’s big day certainly didn’t make the cut.

So I can only say now that I am flush with an embarrassment of riches in that I’ve got no fewer than four (4!) pair in my top drawer specifically dedicated to the Biggest of Hallmark Holidays. Today’s set is the first of them, and I love that they’re not smattered with crimson hearts. Don’t worry, we’ll get to those too, but for now it’s nice to enjoy a pair that’s on theme, but still a little different too.

One thought on “Heartless Wonders

  1. Like them! I like that they are free-form — I always put hugs as OX OX. I know some people will think I am just spelling the animal — but I always try to space them because no one ever says kisses and hugs. It’s always hugs and kisses!!!!


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