Argyle Verbena, Private Eye

I wore these today not only because I have developed a deep and abiding love of argyle over the previous seven weeks, but also because I had Work Things I needed to look professional at this evening. Having done all that, I came to realize this afternoon that the splash of Limon Green at the cuffs and heels here pretty much exactly match a bottle of bathroom hand soap I use on the daily. Aloe and Verbena it’s called, or something of the like, to which I can only ask: what the f%&# is “Verbena”, and how did I get to be nearly 45 years old without hearing of it?

It’s a conspiracy, I’m pretty sure. A conspiracy to keep me flummoxed with made-up botanicals and thereby lull us all into false sense of security. The only answer is vigilence, friends! Vigilence, and probably your own pair of sweet killer argyle.

Also, “Argyle Verbena” may possibly be the best name for a fictional whodunit investigator ever, in the history of all media. Hell, I’m half-tempted to have business cards made with it, just to give to strangers for fun on St Patrick’s Day and Halloween.

One thought on “Argyle Verbena, Private Eye

  1. Oh, I think the business card idea is priceless! You should sooo do that! Guess I had better add a pair of socks to your upcoming birthday present — if I knew what that was going to be😀 LOL


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