Ollie Had A Heap Of Socks

I almost wore a different pair today; I actually had them in my hand with the magic Drawer of Plenty already closed behind me. But before I put them on, something gave me half a second’s pause, and in that moment I changed my mind. Going back to the Drawer, I replace that with pair with these, a pair that for some reason just called to me. Something about the colors. Or maybe the triangles?

Fast forward to much later in the day, when I find myself explaining to my 9 year-old how you’d determine the angle of rotation between two fixed points in space, if you were, say, going to point a cannon with a 360 degree range of motion stationed at Point G towards a target some distance away at Point T (all for a video game he wants to code at some point). That led to this:

While most people will look at that and see a notepad page full of what could only be ramblings and nonsense that were almost surely the result of fever hallucinations, some of you will instead some pretty basic trigonometry, compliments of our old pal Pythagoras.

All of which is to say, yep, today was definitely the day to be sporting some colorful right triangles.

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