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Leaping Tall Assumptions In A Single Bound

I spent the day at a Forensics competition with my daughter, during which they had a superhero-themed event. I had previously been holding out to wear these until DC finally got their act together and made a new Superman movie that wasn’t, um, controversial, at best, but as that apparently isn’t going to happen anytime before aforementioned daughter goes off to college, today seemed like ba winning choice.

Oh, and, no, for those of you wondering, no, my daughter didn’t spend the day swabbing samples or firing a centrifuge. Forensics is actually a name for Speech/Drama/Debate competitions because, you see, back before DNA testing and fingerprints there was…Oh, here. This is a better explanation then I’ll give you anyway.

Enjoy the weekend! Wear cool socks…and try not to leave any evidence.

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