Argyle FTW

If nothing else, there’s one thing I can say for certain came as a result of my disturbing fascination with my socks in 2018: I heart argyle.

If I’d been pressed to guess at the start of all this what my new favorite general pattern would become, I’d have likely gone with paisley or something. Or stripes or boxes or dotteds, oh my! But, no, every time I put on a pair of argyles these days, I look down in appreciation and think, “that’s a damn fine looking pair of socks there”.

Today’s blue and grey pair is no exception.

Kinda makes me wonder, though, how many pairs of argyle I’ll be wearing in the not-too distant days of post-Sockstavaganza. Vegas odds makers have the over/under set at 5. I look forward to finding out how right (or horribly wrong) that guess turns out!