A Vexing Pattern

Pretty cool, right? I’m going to be honest with you, though, I have absolutely zero idea how to describe them. Is that some kind of funky puzzle piece in a pattern? Or, uh, misshapen birds, maybe? I got no idea.

Knowing me, though, this is probably some well-known pattern with a weird name like “cougartooth” or “tunapelvis” or some somethung. I’m going to be laughing my socks off when someone comments below post and fills in the embarrassing but all too predictable gap in my ignorance.

In more exciting news, though, behold All. The. Tags!!

The Puddinette hit the mother lode of socks discounts this weekend and my sock drawer is about to burst from being jam-packed. And I’m not telling you what they look like!

Well, not yet, anyway. You’ll just have to keep checking to check the daily socks.