Schooled By A Master

I was pretty pleased with today’s selection, because everybody gets the value of a good brunch on Sunday, right? And, obviously, the cornerstone of any brunch is eggs and bacon.

Of course, we enjoyed chips and salsa and sizzling fajitas at a cool Mexican joint after church today, but that’s neither here nor there. In retrospect, I suppose I should have gotten the juevos.

At any rate, none of that really matters, coz I got upstaged (bigly) on the sock front this weekend by George H. W. Bush, who made the entirety of the media-saavy U.S. collectively go “Awwwww”, by throwing a subtle tribute to his late wife and former First Lady Barbara with his socks.

You go, George. You go.

One thought on “Schooled By A Master

  1. Love your bacon and eggs, but loved #41’s tribute to the love of his life. Of course I was especially touched because her love of literacy is mine, too!!!! RIP Mrs. Bush!!!!


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