Not-So-Subtle Perfection

The Puddinette took one look at these this morning, rolled her eyes, and sighed, “You can’t wear crew socks with shorts and gym shoes.” I smirked, and then, in reply, suggested that she should maybe reevaluate the difference between can’t…and really, really shouldn’t.

As it turns out, I don’t give a flying dessicated Deadpool what the majority of the world thinks about me or my fashion choices (doubly so when it horrifies my daughter 😏). Seeing as how today was both my nephew’s 4th birthday party and Cinco de Mayo, this pair of Deadpool-Tacos is quite possibly the most perfect fit of any socks I’ve worn so far in 2018.

So, yes, I did, in fact, wear these calf-length socks with shorts and Nikes.

Like. A. Boss.

Clearly, I have zero regrets.

Here’s to hoping you all have a fantastic, regret-free Derby Day/Cinco de Mayo too. Have a awesome day, a killer weekend, and try not to set the place on fire.

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