The NC Work Trip Two-fer

It may strain the bonds of credulity, but I swear I actually did not forgot to post about yesterday’s socks. The thing is, I was out of town for work these two days, and the Domestic Rules of Internetting forbid me from making any reference to my absence prior to my return. As you can see from the picture above, I wore “Ducks in Flight” yesterday in honor of my flight to North Carolina. Now that I’m back in the proper zip code, of course, any and all references are fair game.

I obviously had to keep the ball rolling today, seeing how I woke up just outside Charlotte. With North Carolina being the Tar Heel state, I figured I might as well begrudgingly admit to myself that UNC and some, uh, other (unmentionable) schools in the state do play an occasionally passable game of college basketball. But I’m only saying that because the people I met over the past two days were super friendly and ridiculously hospitable.

North Carolina, you were cool, and I won’t mind going back at all, but I’m glad to be home.

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