Adult Activities

I picked out what ultimately seemed like pretty adult socks today, and then spent the rest of it, well, adulting. That includes the usual work tasks, offering all manner of advice and/or unwanted meddling to my children, and taking delivery of new household appliances that are of the obligatory-work variety rather than the bright screen an/or a remote control kind of thing.

In not too many words, well, adulting is lame. So remind me next time I appear to be putting on even somewhat mature socks that I might want to consider putting them down in favor of a pair that 10 year-old me would possibly enjoy a little more.

Still, though, you can’t argue that today’s socks aren’t darned good looking. 😉

4 thoughts on “Adult Activities

  1. Yes, those socks are darned good-looking. I’m concerned about the other ones, the socks you may be putting down. What form of euthanasia are you going to use? Will it be humane? Would you consider adoption instead?


    1. Fear not! I’ll be selecting 10-12 pairs to keep after the Grand Experiment has ended and will donate the rest to charity. After a thorough laundering, of course! 😏

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  2. I like them; and well, unfortunately one does have to,”adult” sometimes!!!!😊


  3. … tho, of course, I have to admit I have always told Pa that most of the time he is 12!!!!


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