Maximum Effort, Kinda

Today was always going to go one of two ways. Sadly, I’m not at liberty to describe both possible ways because that would be a leak of potential future sock selections, and as we’ve all apparently learned by this point in 2018, leaks is bad, m’kay? Case in point, I had to relocate my boxers to a another drawer this weekend because the socks-in-waiting have consumed all the available drawer space. I may have even taken a picture of said overstuffed drawer, but at this point I can neither confirm nor deny its existence.

At any rate, there as a 50/50 chance I was going to see Deadpool 2 tonight, so I took a chance and wore these this morning. Instead, I got a better offer and got to hang out tonight and have a couple beers, in keeping with Monday Night Tradition. So don’t cry for me, interwebs, I will definitely see the new Deadpool movie soon enough, I had a solid night either way. And even though I haven’t gotten to see DP2 yet, I don’t feel bad for a second for having worn these today, because it’s been a great weekend for the “Merc’ with a Mouth”, especially after having dethroned Avengers: Infinity War at the box office and apparently scoring one of the best international opening weekends for an “R” rated movie ever?

So, uh, I guess were know what everyone who didn’t watch the Royal Wedding did this weekend, right?

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