For The Gold And The White We Cheer

Today I’m wearing the colors of my college alma mater. I honestly just pulled them out of the drawer this morning because I thought they matched my “Middle-Aged Dad Weekend Cargo Shorts* Only later did I realize that these were much more likely selected for me by my subconscious, after being pelted the last few weeks with email and physical mail requests for a donation by the school alumni association as well as by the Deans from the Colleges of both Art and Science.

I guess that makes me some kind of modern Renaissance Man?

*These ubiquitous khakis can be thoughtlessly matched with anything from button-downs to novelty tees, are easy to wear, and will complement every outfit, whether pressed to perfection or ruggedly rumpled. Perfect for the dad on the go who has no idea how many kids have to be picked up or dropped off today, nor how long the dreaded Honey-Do list has grown since the last time it was dumped in his lap. Burdened with pockets to fill, these cotton-poly-blended wonders say to everyone, “I am basically hoping to survive the weekend and make it back to the office on Monday where things will make sense again. Available in 8 shades of khaki, $17.99.

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