Life Goals Shaded Blue

I’m a gigantic nerd, so obviously I fell in love with today’s pair of socks pretty much immediately because they reminded me of a blue-tinted circuit diagram. Plus also, Tron.

I can neither confirm nor deny that I purchased a 6-pack of predominantly blue-colored socks in order to acquire this one pair.

Also (because I’m gigantic nerd) the 9 year-old and I put together a soda-bottle rocket a year or so ago. It should probably be noted at this time that it’s been a goal of mine to impart aforementioned nerd-POV unto my children whenever possible. The youngest has completely embraced said world view thus far, and has asked to break out the soda rocket at least every other day since the beginning of May.

So here we are, just a pair of nerds. Asking you to enjoy our backyard rocketeering and my dorky blue Tron socks.