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Considering That Cartoon Coyote

Cartoon Week continues with perhaps the most tragic character brought to life since the Bard gave us a pair of Star-Crossed Italians. Sure, that Road Runner was spritely, but speed alone can’t account for this crafty coyote’s nigh inexplicable run of bad luck.

That said, there are clearly other factors than luck at play here. In fact, it seems as if the string of faulty products delivered by Loony Toon’s unnervingly prophetic version of Amazon, Acme, Inc., stretches the bounds of believability. Could it be that Acme was colluding with that slippery desert cuckoo, pretending to beep-beep his way out of hot water? I bet Twitter would like to see his tax returns, and his stock holdings to boot. I bet the bird had a seat on Acme’s board, if not majority share.

Then again, Wile E’s card may have read, “Wile E. Coyote, Super Genius”, but given the number of times he flew a rocket into a painted wall, I’m thinking I.Q. is possibly not the criteria used most commonly by Canis Latrans to gauge intellect. It doesn’t matter how much they’re cheat against you, the arguments for not strapping yourself to a giant stick of dynamite in the desert in the hope of catching an flightless avian annoyance are pretty hard to debate.

It’s a question for the ages: Wile E. Coyote, fool or fall guy?

What do you think?

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