I Guess You Love The Turtle You’re With, Too

Wrapping up cartoon week, today I’m proudly repping a little TMNT. Please note, that’s a 90’s TV cartoon version of a Teenager Mutant Ninja Turtle, not one of those strange, hulking “Micheal Bay movie” ninja turtle.

Because I have some taste.

Now, one might think, looking at my socks, that Donatello was favorite of the four sewer-dwellers. Especially considering he’s the obligatory tech-oriented turtle. Plus he’s sporting that purple eye covering, and as we’ve discussed, purple tends to be my color.

But no. My favorite as a kid was always Leonardo. I’d like to tell you it was because he was the erstwhile leader of the group, and tended towards introspection and “doing the right thing” and stuff.

Yeah, not so much. Really, Leonardo was my guy because, well, ‘coz he had a pair of wicked cool katana.

Let’s look at the squad by comparison. Donatello used a bo staff, which seemed a lot like a basic stick to 10 year-old me. Raphael carried sai, and I’m still not sure how they work as functioning weapons, although I’m pretty sure that just makes me an inexperienced fool. Lastly, Michelangelo carried nunchaku, which look cool, admittedly, but honestly, they don’t seem both cool and utilitarian the way perfectly balanced, razor-sharp swords.

At least, that’s how young me saw it.

My point? I guess I don’t really have much of one, except possibly that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are almost always cool, and all of them are deserving of their own socks.