Tickling The (Ivory) Toes

I had to discontinue the theoretical travels today because when the kids have a thing, you hightail it back from Egypt or Japan or wherever to make the audience. My daughter was in a play tonight — One Night Only — and since it was a musical, these seemed like the perfect match for the day.

Her group did an adorable version of Annie, with the requisitely adorable reditions of “Tomorrow” and “A Hard Knock Life”, so the ivories on my feet represented well. Sure, I might have been enjoying make believe time abroad earlier this week, but that ain’t got nuthin’ on when your daughter’s playing FDR.

Have a great weekend kids, and, uh, try not to set the place on fire!

2 thoughts on “Tickling The (Ivory) Toes

  1. I told her we could have supplied a wheelchair for her Roosevelt!!!!😉 Wish we didn’t have to rush off so soon but we did make it thru the whole performance?


  2. Well that wasn’t supposed to be a question mark, cause we were there the entire time, just didn’t like rushing off on her.


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