Parenting and Parrots

It’s roughly 11:30 at night and I’ve just sat down in my home with Nothing else to do for the first time since I got up this morning. I put on these cheery parrot socks and went out to face the day and boy did we face it. After a very full, hectic day at the office, I got to watch Eldest Son play both JV and Varsity soccer games in the rain, but it was worth every damp minute getting to see him do something he loves.

(He also scored two goals, which never hurts.)

I’m tired now though. I’d forgotten how exhausting it can be for parents when the kids get back to school. I’m remembering now, though, which is probably why I can’t recall what whitisisms I had planned to describe the parrots.

Polly’s pooped, and putting it to bed.