Goodnight, Mr. Roboto

After a nice (but kinda late) evening last night at the pitch and then a few hours after that criss-crossing Tamriel (that is, playing Elder Scrolls Online), I had to drag myself out of bed this morning mentally and physically. I then spent the better of the rest of this morning and afternoon meandering around like one of the robots on today’s socks.

It’s a good thing I’ve been exceedingly well-programmed at this point in my life. The only truly complicated things I had to decide today were:

  • What to eat for dinner? and
  • Which socks to put on.

I got lucky on the socks and dinner turned into pizza — in keeping with societal norms for when one is sleep-walking through the day — and now I’m ready for a little recliner time before I inevitably drift off. So please wish Mr Roboto and I a pair of goodnights.

Here’s hoping we’re both a little more energetic tomorrow.