Smugglers: A Pair Of Star Wars Socks

I broke down and signed up to watch Solo last night after missing it at the theater. I honestly meant to catch it on the big screen, but if I’m being honest, summer is busy and not all the things can be done. Unfortunately, this year, that meant Solo.

Truth is, buzz about the movie didn’t help. It didn’t get great reviews, and the nerds I know didn’t sing its praises. And, fact is, I never needed Han Solo’s backstory. I am — and always have been — quite content with my head canon when it comes to Haan or Hahn or however you want to say it.

All that said, I enjoyed Solo, the movie, a whole lot more than I was expecting. I mean, I didn’t believe the main character was Han Solo for a second, but if you take that obligation away and make it a smuggler/heist story about some young dude with Chewbacca, it’s perfectly fun.

Too bad Lucasfilm is just now starting to figure out that maybe some Star Wars movies with wholly new characters and wholly new ideas isn’t such a bad idea.