Boom! Clap! The Fall And My Socks

It’s been a pretty explosive week on a fairly large scale out there, and I really felt I needed some way to represent that on my feet this morning. I mean, that’s basically been the MO for 2018, but it made me pretty happy that the Puddinette scored me a pair of fireworks a few weeks ago, because that seem on point at 7 AM today.

I took a shot of them with Smoky on the patio this evening because the weather was actually acting like fall for a minute. While I was out there, I got to wondering how much longer I was gonna be able to take pictures of my socks with Smoky on the patio before the leaves fell and made me hate the cold deadness of everything outside the back door.

But! Outside the backdoor was lovely tonight, and for a second it made me think that possibly civilization might eventually do something better than our current “huddling around a flaming trash barrel” approach. That, then, is the sentiment I’m choosing to carry with me into the weekend.

I hope you can find something equally hopefully to cling to as you enjoy the first taste of what fall has to offer. And with that in mind, have a great weekend! Oh, and while you’re doing that, try not to set the place on fire.