It’s Friday, Y’all

There’s just not a whole lot more I need to say than what’s stated in the subject, except that I’ll absolutely be keeping this pair of socks. See, because my friends and I have a “Y’all Day” holiday every year to commemorate a specific day at the lake — well, that is, the pond — many years ago. From here on, then, I’ll be sporting these every single June 9th.


I didn’t get this pair until sometime in July. That meant no Y’all Day socks for 2018. For this year, then, these are just, well, this week’s Friday socks. But that’s okay. Friday is nothing to sneeze at. It’s the day of the week I get to kick back, relax, and pat myself on the back for achieving another week of not screwing up and accidentally wearing the same socks twice, or forgetting to take a picture.

It’s the day of the week I get to call this one a win, and hope that everyone has a great weekend.

It’s the day I get to say…

Y’all rock, now have a great weekend, but, yanno, try not to set the place on fire.