Not So Black Friday

These are my Black Friday socks. Admittedly, they don’t really speak so much about the unbridled avarice of the American shopping culture as much as they’re black and have circles that look very much like Christmas tree ornaments to me.

See, the Puddinette has worked diligently to train me in the idea that the weekend after Thanksgiving is all about putting up holiday decorations. Truth be told, I’m a slow study, but finally, after a decade or so, I caught the gist. Which is to say, the family room is already now lined up in red and green, and there are lights and decorative items everywhere. The tree will likely go up tomorrow, and if not, then absolutely on Sunday.

The thing is, I couldn’t be happier about any of it. Holiday decorations used to not be a big thing for me. I think there was a year once back in my twenties wheny brother and I (we shared an apartment) didn’t put up any decorations at all! These days, though, with time sprinting by — which I’m seeing is common amongst parents of multiple teens — if we can make just one month take its precious time, if only by putting up decorations to remind us of the special season were in, well, I’m all for it.

Honestly, it also makes Black Friday a whole lot less dark.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, or at least an awesome Thursday, and that your Friday was every bit as amazing (whether it meant diving into retail crowds at 5 AM, or hiding in your robe until 5 PM). Let’s all try to have a weekend that’s just as outstanding, but, uh, try not to set the place on fire.