Tuesday Socks On A Thursday Morning

I was this close to rocking something really bright and not so stunning today, but at the last minute, these caught my eye. They aren’t the most striking pair of socks I’ve worn this year, but I thought they had something of a subtle charm.

Admittedly, Thursday wouldn’t usually be the day of the week I’d most likely associate with “subtle charm”. That seems a lot more like maybe Tuesday. Thursday is all about barely contained anticipation. But the thing is, yesterday felt like Thursday to me all day, which left me totally not sure what to think this morning.

Rather, I was actually super disappointed to realize it was Friday, but equal parts sad and rage-y is no way to go through a poor, innocent Thursday. Hence, subtle charm. It works when you have no other idea what to do with yourself.

And that kids, is how you get Tuesday socks on a Thursday morning.

Oh, and while I’m at it, does anyone know what this pattern is called? Surely it’s got to have a name, right? I mean, they all have names, even if they’re ridiculous. But I’ll be damned if I have any clues what this one is called. Hook me up if you have any inkling.