The Moment #NationalSockDay Got Too Meta

Today is kind of a big deal. Not only is it National Trick Shot Day and National Dice Day — which, can you believe the luck of landing both on the Same. Day?! — it’s also National Sock Day.

Oh, and apparently there’s some business about it being National Cookie Day, too, but I mean, who really cares about National Cookie Day? Santa, maybe, but he’ll get his own cookie day at the end of the month. At any rarely, clearly the socks take top billing here.

Ok, so, yeah, that’s a little but of silliness. I’ll readily admit that the number of #NationalCookieDay posts appearing in your social media platform of choice is likely to outnumber the #NationalSockDay posts by, like, 5 to 1. But you better believe the socks are going to come first up in here today.

To that end, indeed, you are seeing correctly that the socks I wore today are, in fact, patterned with a variety of tiny socks. If these aren’t the best version of all the possible things I could have put on my feet on #NationalSockDay, well, I’m just giving up now and going back to white cotton athletics socks.