When You Can’t Even Trust The Stripes

I really like this color combination, which is probably good since I’ve worn something similar repeatedly in the past week. Or, at least it feels like it. I’m even less certain about what We should call this pattern. My first inclination was to say they’re striped. But as far as stripes go, does it still count if they’re, like, 1/5 if the totally area in question. Seems like maybe they’d be panels more than stripes.

I’m calling anything this wide “faux stripes” in the future. And speaking of fake striped things, the candy canes spotted in the background of today’s picture are equally “faux”. Sure, they look like normal cane-shaped holiday confections, but a closer look at that box will show the terrifying truth: they’re soda flavored candy. Crush, and root beer, and Dr. Pepper, oh my!

No, ma’am, those treats may look like candy canes, but they are not peppermint-flavored. And, in my book, if they don’t taste like mint, they’re just plain imposters. Thankful my stripes are only sort of half as fake.