Infinity Socks: Endgame

The term has become inexplicably popular over the last week, but I can think of no better word to describe this new phase of our little sock project than “endgame”. Today begins an seemingly unending series of holiday socks to round out was has been an outstanding year, hand selected by my second son, who is celebrating his 15th birthday this very day.

Given a number of holiday-themed options this morning, he wasted exactly 237 milliseconds before declaring that I needed to put on this pair, headlined by a carnivore Claus and candy canes. They are, without question, the perfect choice for him, both festive and whimsical at once, while also being just different enough to be perfectly unique.

The kid will likely be taking ownership of them after they’ve been washed. I’m not going to lie, it fills me with a special kind of joy knowing that not only did these socks — and Second Son’s behest — usher in this final phase of The Sockening, but that he’ll also wear them the same kind of nerdy pride I have been rocking all year.

Happy holiday, kids, and happy birthday 15; if nothing else you’ll always have your dad’s taste in clothing (and other apparel).