Back Just In Time To Brag

Okay, yes, I know. I basically disappeared there for, well, pretty much all of January. We’ll talk about that tomorrow.

Today I’m just talking about my girl. My daughter wrote and submitted a piece in the Critical Essay category of this year’s Scholastic Art and Writing competition.

Spoiler alert: her essay won a Scholastic Gold Key. This one, to be specific:

As a human, and dad, who for sure values the creative arts — and writing especially! — this kind of got me right in the feels. Being proud of something I’ve done is all well and good and all, but this? This was different. Not much compares with the feeling of pride you get from seeing your kids crush it.

And seeing them crush it in stuff you’re into also…like writing? Well, that there is the Parental Double Bonus.

Have a great weekend everyone. My sincerest hope is that you have at least one moment before Monday as awesome as the one I had today.

And maybe also that you don’t set the place on fire.


5 thoughts on “Back Just In Time To Brag

  1. Well, Pa may not think of me as a writer, but my teachers did! Megan gets it very honestly from both her Dad and Grammy. Very proud, indeed!!!!


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