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Sometimes Things Turn Peachy

When I put these socks on this morning, I didn’t know why. I mean, yeah, it’s mostly foods this week, but why the peaches on Wednesday? It’s not like Wednesday is particularly know for it’s peachy-esqueness. Truth is, I don’t even much like peaches that much. It probably shouldn’t have surprised me then, that I […]

How To Ruin A Six Year-Old’s Birthday Party

Calamity. Tragedy. Havoc. CAKETASTROPHE. When I woke up Sunday morning, I found myself staring into a box that surely signified misery, anguish, and doom. The Attitude’s 6th Birthday party was just over three hours away, and in the windowed, white bakery box that not eight hours earlier had held his finished, decorated, homemade Pac-Man/Jack o’ […]

This weekend, by the numbers

5 – Number of processed, frozen, chopped, formed, “breaded” fish sticks eaten Friday.  Um, yay, Lent. Or something. I guess. 4 – Number of children spoiled with post-Sunday dinner spring evening Icees. 3 – Number of nights of falling asleep in my recliner for an hour or so before shuffling up to bed.  Err, well, […]